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Protein Engineering and DesignThe book is out!

"Protein Engineering and Design", co-edited by Prof Jennifer Cochran and Prof Sheldon Park (SUNY Buffalo) has been released and is available from publisher Taylor and Francis as well as other retailers.

Summary: Experimental protein engineering and computational protein design are broad but complementary strategies for developing proteins with altered or novel structural properties and biological functions. By describing cutting-edge advances in both of these fields, Protein Engineering and Design aims to cultivate a synergistic approach to protein science.


Working through a knotty problem

The Cochran lab's work on designing stable protein-based drugs and imaging agents through the use of cystine knots is highlighted in "Overcoming Protein Production Hurdles" by K. John Morrow Jr., Ph.D. June 1, 2009 in Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology News. Article



Cochran receives Martin D. Abeloff Scholar Award from the V Foundation for Cancer Research

Jennifer Cochran, Assistant Professor of Bioengineering, has won the 2008 Martin D. Abeloff Scholar Award. This award along with a $100,000 grant is given to the highest rated V Scholar applicant. The V Foundation is a charitable organization dedicated to finding a cure for cancer. The foundation is named for the late Jim Valvano, the passionate former NC State basketball coach and award-wining broadcaster.

V Foundation Article (PDF)
Stanford Cancer Center Article (PDF)


Cochran receives Hellman Faculty Scholar Award

Professor Cochran was named as a recipient of a Hellman Faculty Scholar Award. The Hellman Faculty Scholar fund was established in 2000 by Warren and Chris Hellman to support and encourage promising assistant professors. The Hellmans are aware that it is often difficult for junior faculty to obtain support for research after initial research funding has been expended. In an effort to support the next generation of tenure-track professors, they designed this award to offer assistance to promising young faculty in areas concerning the physical and life sciences, engineering, arts, humanities and social sciences.


Cochran participates in a panel discussion titled "Engineering Therapies for Human Health" to showcase the therapeutic potential of bioengineering.

Stanford Engineering Article: Online and PDF



Cochran receives McCormick Award

Jennifer Cochran, Assistant Professor of Bioengineering, was awarded the 2007 McCormick Award by the School of Medicine and the Office of Diversity and Leadership. These awards provide research/project funding to junior faculty women pursuing advancement, or to junior faculty men or women who support the advancement of women in medicine and/or medical research. The awards are supported by the McCormick Funds, which were established to support the advancement of women in medicine and/or medical research directly, or by supporting the mentoring, training and encouragement of women pursuing the study of medicine, in teaching medicine, and engaging in medical research.


Magical and molecular motif weaves its way through Jennifer Cochran's career


Cochran lab participates in Stanford Engineering's 8th Annual EDay

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Jennifer Cochran named 47th Mallinckrodt Scholar

The Trustees of the Edward Mallinckrodt, Jr. Foundation have named Dr. Jennifer Cochran the 47th Mallinckrodt Scholar. The award provides funding to support highly promising young investigators. The Foundation is interested in "advancing knowledge in the various fields of medical and health research," particularly in basic research with upstream potential for impacting disease.


Jennifer Cochran receives Kimmel Scholar Award

Professor Jennifer Cochran was one of 15 faculty researchers nationwide to receive a prestigious Kimmel Scholar Award. The Sidney Kimmel Foundation for Cancer Research funds the Kimmel Scholars Program, which each year provides research grants to the nation's most promising young cancer researchers. The goal of the grant program is to improve the basic understanding of cancer biology and to develop new methods for the prevention and treatment of cancer. The award will provide Professor Cochran with $100,000 per year for two years to pursue innovative research that will ultimately lead to the development of new protein-based agents for cancer therapy and molecular imaging applications. More



An artificial cornea is in sight, thanks to biomimetic hydrogels


Stanford Engineering Research Profile


Research collaboration 'translates' into potential therapy to heal skin wounds



Deisseroth and Cochran awarded Office of Technology Licensing Research Incentive grants.

Cochran received a grant for "Engineering Neurotrophin Proteins for Diagnostic and Therapeutic Applications." Deisseroth's grant, awarded with Theo Palmer, is for "Pulsed Magnetic Neural Excitation to Drive Stem Cell Differentiation." Article