Cochran Lab
Cochran Lab

BIOE 80 / ENGR 80: Introduction to Bioengineering

Broad but rigorous overview of the field of bioengineering, centered around the common theme of engineering analysis and design of biological systems. Topics include biomechanics, systems and synthetic biology, physical biology, biomolecular engineering, tissue engineering, and devices. Emphasis on critical thinking and problem solving approaches, and quantitative methods applied to biology.

4 units, Spring Quarter (Cochran, J) TR 9AM-10:30AM

BIOE 301A: Molecular and Cellular Bioengineering Lab (previously 201A)

Practical applications of biotechnology and molecular bioengineering including recombinant DNA techniques, molecular cloning, microbial cell growth and manipulation, library screening, and DNA microarrays. Emphasis is on experimental design and data analysis. Corequisite: 300A.


2 units, Fall Quarter (Cochran, J), MW 1:45PM-4:45PM Shriram Teaching Lab

BIOE231 / BIOE331: Protein Engineering

The design and engineering of optimized biomolecules emphasizing proteins. Combinatorial methodologies, protein structure and function, and biophysical analyses of modified biomolecules. Clinically relevant examples from the literature and biotech industry. Basic knowledge of biochemistry required.


3 units, Spring Quarter, (Cochran, J) TR 11AM-12:15PM, Room: Y2E2 111