The Cochran laboratory uses interdisciplinary approaches in chemistry, engineering, and biophysics to study and manipulate complex biological systems, with a focus on developing new technologies for basic science and biomedical applications. In addition, combinatorial and rational methods are used to engineer designer protein and peptide ligands for a variety of applications including wound healing, cardiac tissue engineering, and cancer imaging and therapy

Departments of Bioengineering, and Chemical Engineering (by courtesy)
318 Campus Dr. West, MC5439
James H. Clark Center, W250
Stanford, CA 94305

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The Cochran lab welcomes Arvind Kannan, Shelley Ackerman, and Sung Jin Park as new graduate student researchers.

Engineered ‘molecular flashlight’ illuminates brain tumors in mice. See the press release. [more]

Stanford Institute for Chemical Biology/SLAC Seed Grant Awarded [more]

Wallace H. Coulter Translational Partnership Award to treat ocular disease [more]

DOD Ovarian Cancer Award [more]

Review articles of interest [more]

Research Highlights

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    Engineering Growth Factor Ligand and Receptor Interactions
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    Engineering Proteins that Bind to and Inhibit Multiple Receptors
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    Engineering Proteins as Molecular Imaging Agents
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    Engineering Cystine Knot Peptides (Knottins) with Novel Molecular Recognition Properties
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